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Published on August 16th, 2013 | by Prepping Ideas

How To Make A Knife From An Old File

How is yet another video from Youtube, that source of all amazing and weird information, about making a knife from an old file.


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5 Responses to How To Make A Knife From An Old File

  1. I hope they don’t show this in prison:+)

  2. Done that, holds an edge, But..it’s Brittle, and will break easily….

  3. Steve Huber Steve Huber says:

    I did that several years ago. It’s a great knife that holds an edge like you wouldn’t believe!

  4. Jordon Dack Jordon Dack says:

    show it in prison? that’s where he learned how…. next week shanks from toilet paper…. yes it can be done

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